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What is The Broken Clay?


      The Broken Clay is an annual Sporting Clays event that is directed by Humphrey & Associates to raise money for Young Life. Sporting Clays is considered to be the equivalent of Golf with a Shotgun. We shoot 100 scheduled targets as well as optional shooting games, lawn games and auctions running throughout the day. 

We spend the day with 400 of our friends and we hope to see you there this year! None of this would be possible without you.  

The Idea

    The Broken Clay was nothing more than one of those dinner table thoughts at first, coming up one night in 2005 as a couple of friends sat around a table and brainstormed. Little did anyone know, 40 days later our idea would become a reality, it would become such a blessing, both to ourselves and those who we fundraise for. The Lord has surprised us with his plans, The Broken Clay has been steadily growing ever since that day. Today, The Broken Clay is a source of family fun, lighthearted competition, and welcoming community. Welcome to the Broken Clay Family. If you've been with us for a while you know this, but you'll learn if not.


Praise The Lord And 


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