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YoungLife Ministries

Search Ministries


What is YoungLife?

   Young Life is not just a ministry but a vibrant community where teenagers find acceptance, adventure, and a deeper understanding of faith. With a mission to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith, Young Life engages young hearts and minds through relational outreach, dynamic events, and meaningful conversations. Whether through camps, club nights, or personal mentorship, Young Life creates spaces where teens can explore their beliefs, build lasting friendships, and discover the joy of a life rooted in love and purpose.


The Broken Clay holds an annual auction as well as silent auction for our benificiaries


Search Ministries

What is Search 

Search Ministries is a Christian organization focused on evangelism and apologetics, engaging in activities such as literature distribution, seminars, debates, and online resources. Their mission involves sharing the gospel message while also equipping believers to defend their faith against intellectual challenges and objections. Through outreach efforts, educational resources, and community engagement, Search Ministries aim to impact individuals and communities with the Christian message of hope and truth. They maintain a strong online presence and often collaborate with churches and other organizations to maximize their outreach and effectiveness in fulfilling the Great Commission.

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